Through observation, our team noticed extreme amounts of waste created by American University’s coffee community. Our interviews showed us that the root of the problem was the inconvenience of reusable mugs when on the go. So, we created a system of shared reusable mugs and allowed students to purchase coffee in these mugs via an app to increase convenience and effectiveness of our overall goal to reduce waste.

  • Role Research / Concept
  • For American University
  • Type Mobile App
  • Worked With Teammates Laura and Walter

STEP 1: buy coffee in a single click, from your preset favorites

STEP 2: pick up drink

STEP 3: drop off mug in one of the many bins around campus

STEP 4: check how much waste you have saved by using GreenMug!

According to our interviews, students said they 1, didn’t have room in their bags to carry reusable mugs; 2, their hands were often full and 3, they were too rushed in the mornings to clean a mug.

INITIAL SET-UP SCREENS: By entering your student ID #, your account is linked up to AU’s student cash (Eaglebucks) for hassle-free payment. Then, tell GreenMug your 3 favorite drinks for fast purchasing later.